Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Fiat Empire - A Closer Look at the Federal Reserve 

FIAT EMPIRE - a Closer Look at the Federal Reserve.

This important documentary, is inspired by the well-known book, The Creature From Jekyl Island by G. Edward Griffin.

<> Produced by William L. Van Alen, Jr., the feature-length documentary is a co-production between Matrixx Productions and Cornerstone Entertainment and features interviews by, not only G. Edward Griffin, but Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) and MOVIEGUIDE Founder, Ted Baehr. The film is written and directed by James Jaeger, with narration by Kris Chandler. Associate producers are Ted Pollard, author and former Commissioner of Radnor Twonship and James E. Ewart, well-known author of MONEY.

This is an early promo version of FIAT EMPIRE.
Link to source: http://www.mecfilms.com/update.htm

This video is copyrighted under the fair use law.

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