Sunday, November 18, 2007


Arthur Robinson wrote: Ron Paul and the Constitutional principles upon which his presidential campaign is based are, by far, the best opportunity that is being offered to the people of the United States। He is reawakening the economic, political, social, and ethical traditions that have made America great. As Ron Paul says, it is his message not himself that is responsible for the rapid rise and strength of his campaign. Ron Paul is, however, an ideal messenger, with the experience and personal qualities to translate that message into reality as President.

Moreover, Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate who can defeat the Democrats in 2008। His message resonates with the deepest and most admirable instincts of the American people. In a one-on-one contest for President, Ron Paul can win. The other Republican candidates cannot.

Our Robinson Self-Teaching Home School Curriculum, now used by more than 60,000 home schooled students, emphasizes science, economics, and history - after the student has mastered reading, writing, and arithmetic। The message of these academic disciplines makes clear that, if America adheres to the principles that have historically made her successful, she and her people will grow in in moral, economic, and technological prosperity. If not, their opportunities will diminish and be lost. Ron Paul may be our last chance for that growth.

The people of the United States can no longer afford to be ruled by political opportunists। We need men of character and principle in public office. There is no better man in America for the office of President than Ron Paul.

Art Robinson, PhDRobinson CurriculumEditor of Access to Energy Chemist and father of six young Americans whose futurewill be far brighter if Ron Paul is President.

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