Sunday, September 18, 2005

Freedom Technology Seminar

To find out more about the E-mail seminar, and to register at no cost or obligation, please see..... http://www.freedomtechnology.org/e/

In the recent past I published a reference to a Ten Second Miracle, but allowed a variety of distraction to prevent from following through. My work took me away from my normal routine, and the events in New Orleans took a toll on my psychology as I witnessed the events and came to grips with the reality that future so many have talked about for so long is the reality of what happening today. That future is now.

What most consider to be a civilization, I view as an anticivilization that if allowed to continue on its present path and reach its inevitable conclusion, will facilitate the destruction of everyone on planet earth as if civilization never existed. In any event, evil will destroy itself, which is the reason the conspirators can never win. Giving the prevailing paradigm, it is difficult for most to imagine a life of immortality that involves the conditions of our current place in existence, so they create a non-reality afterlife beyond this life using a misplaced faith that God is going to save them in spite of their violations of natural law. But this life is a test, and it doesn’t work that way.

“Once we understand the fundamental purpose for mortality, we may more easily chart a correct course in the perilous seas that are engulfing our nation. This life is a probation: a probation in which you and I prove our mettle, a probation that has eternal consequences for each of us. And now is our time and season—as every generation has had theirs—to learn our duties and to do them.”
-Ezra Taft Benson [The Watchtower]

From a metaphorical standpoint, what most people refer to as good and evil, I view as the positive and negative forces that exists in the universe, both of which are a necessary component of the natural laws of existence. Most religious people say that God created the Earth. I believe human like consciousness, whatever you choose to call the initiator, organized existence into the physical realm we inhabit that we call planet Earth.

Simply put, existence exists. Nobody created it, unless you would care to argue that existence does not exist. And like existence, intelligence exists, and the initiator provided a vehicle, the human body, that married existence and intelligence in a space that facilitates human consciousness, giving human beings the power and physical capacity to control existence. As such, the “kingdom of God is within us," as they say. However, with the ability to create comes the equal ability to destroy, and history demonstrates a prevalent nature, or evil, to destroy, as verified by civilization after civilization that lie in ruins. America, and the world today, is currently heading in the same direction as the Roman Empire.

With the marriage of existence with intelligence came free agency, an unalienable component of freedom granted by the initiator. However, given our free agency as conscious human beings and as a matter of natural law, we have the conscious ability and agency to seal our own condemnation by surrendering our power to external “authorities” if we so choose. Examples of external authorities are career politicians, judges, lawyers, police officers, theologians, and academia. We all have the same brain. The only difference is the programming. The solution is psychological.

You often hear people talk about light and dark. Dark is a relative term that describes the absence of light, a physical constituent of existence of an unlimited universe. Again, from a metaphorical perspective, I interpret light as knowledge of physical reality, and darkness as the absence of knowledge as it is referred to in statements such as moving into the light, or moving away from the dark, or finding God for example. To find God, in my view, is a metaphorical reference to finding yourself through a working knowledge of physical reality. In other words, understanding natural law, and then obeying it. The conspirators have a vested interest in maintaining a bicameral state of mind in the populace to accomplish their malevolent goals and usurp unearned power and glory. You are but a pawn in their game of chess.

The required elements to defeat this malevolent agenda and achieve a meaningful life and immortality in time and space are discipline, thought, and then control. Discipline usually requires first doing things you don’t want to do. Rational honest thought is necessary to understand physical reality and natural law to control existence and achieve a meaningful life and the ultimate goal; the preservation of human consciousness, or Immortality, in spite of the evil, or negative, that is about to destroy itself in the absence of light, or counteracting positive influence.

You are now as iniator once was. As the initiator now is, you may become. To subscribe to the pervasive influence of the current anticivilization by burying your head in the sand, running from the light, or truth, as most refer to it, is in reality nothing short of suicidal in space and time. But truth is a mushy hydra headed term for which everyone disputes its meaning, so I prefer to use the term honesty as a term that everyone can agree with.

The Parellel Universe

There is a parallel universe that exists 180 degrees parallel to the one in which many minds currently reside, and it can be accessed in 10 seconds. The necessary change is psychological. However, to perform this miracle, it is necessary to understand the forces that bind you in this present realm of existence. That’s why I post the things I do on this weblog. Not to scare people, but to wake them up to the reality of the destruction that is about to befall the current anticivilization if it is allowed to continue down the road it is traveling. It is like an automobile, if you will, that has stopped running, or is on the verge of breaking down. Restoring the vehicle to a normal operating condition requires some knowledge of how the vehicle operates, the ability to troubleshoot the mechanical failure, and then making the proper repairs to keep it going down the road, and in the right direction. However, without fundamental knowledge or the proper tools, one must rely on another individual, say a trained mechanic, to make the repairs for them. Today, much like a mechanic, we have been purposely conditioned to rely on “external authorities” to make our decisions about how to operate our vehicle.

The same principle applies in the application of a ten second miracle. However, to affect the necessary repair for yourself, it is first necessary to have fundamental background knowledge of existence, the reason or purpose for why we are where we are, and the purpose of our existence in relationship to the past, present, and the future in the space time continuum. With the proper knowledge and understanding, combined with a helicopter view of conspiratorial history, one can remove the faulty components that permit others to wreak all this havoc by creating the imbalance between the positive and negative influences found in the current paradigm of this anticivilization

However, the preparation for the execution of a ten second miracle is something that would require a huge investment of time and effort on my part. Fortunately, there are individuals who have discovered the knowledge and possess communication skills I lack from which a foundation can be built to establish a paradigm shift such as I experienced 7 years ago which lead to my first successful ten second miracle that allowed me to enter into that parallel universe. The life changing effects are stunning!

So I am extending an invitatation to participate in an E-seminar offered by Michael Haupt, author of the Three World Wars website. It won’t cost you a single monetary unit of no Thing.

As near as I can discern, these individuals have effectively learned how to step outside this anticivilization bubble where everyone is being pushed from side to side, never knowing what is going on, or who is pulling the strings, and view it from outside the bubble looking in.

So here is the deal. For those who are not suicidal, and after completing the seminar, I will give you the key to perform a ten second miracle for yourself so you can step outside the bubble and witness the anticivilization from the parallel universe and ultimately discover the purpose of your life. However, giving you the key without first providing the necessary background knowledge would be like giving whiskey and car keys to teenagers. So you will have to put forth the necessary discipline, time, and effort to gain the knowledge for yourself. It will take about six weeks.

Be prepared to have you paradigm challenged, but stick with it. Don’t overanalyze, and don’t be concerned about things you don’t understand immediately. Stick with it to the conclusion and the pieces of the puzzle should snap into place.

Who will win this battle between good and evil remains to be seen. But you have your free agency, and must make the ultimate decision to either be honest with yourself to win this war and secure your own divinity, or submit to the combinations among us that seek the destruction of freedom of all people in all lands, and be destroyed along with them.

To learn more about this free E-seminar and to subscribe, click here.

My copper clad zinc two cents
Ron Robinson
A Majority of One

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I am very sckeptical about this whole freedom business.

IT APPEARS TO ME ANOTHER ADVERTISING TOOL BY RICH JEWS.--Who by the way will help only their own to financial fredom.And they even made money by Options on 9/11. No investigation, no publicity.

There is no such thing as ten second miracle, except for Jews.

Except for the occasionl spammer of late, I rarely get comments here. When I do, it's nice to hear from individuals who havn't given up their ability to think!

As for the Ten Second Miracle, I can't change your opinon on that one. It is an exercise in free agency, and strictly an individual matter. I can testify there is such a thing, and I'm not Jewish.

I can only encourage you to give it some thoughtful consideration. You'll be pleasantly suprised to find out how much freedom you gain upon dumping the faulty lines of code that keep you enslaved to those your are referring to.

Ron Robinson
Great blog

have book marked it

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I just don't believe this stuff. Having known Michael Haupt in the past thru emails, I noticed how he changed. In the past he was answering to me, thinking freely etc. Now that he thinks he has found the "GRAAL" of freedom, he doesn't even answer me anymore; he became arrogant and full of stupid certainties. I tell you this, because I was a fan of threeworldwars.com in the past, I even started to translate it to french. But all this story of "Omega point", freedom, etc.. it's all bullshit. There is no need of a guru sect like this to discover that the world we are in is something forged by freemasons and a few others to make us forget that the goal of human life, is eternal life.

Not big deal, and the only persons that get richer by selling this books are the authors. If the book was containing such a vital information for the world, they would release it for free on eMule and on the net, so that everybody can know.
But, just looking at how many google adsense ads and other ads there are on those "freedom technology" websites, it's obvious the goal is money, and not so much helping others.

I am sad that you seem to be one more person attracted by this book. For me, I won't buy it, because I'm sure it's a buch of evident (like freemason influence and such stuff) plus unproven (omega point, freedom blahblah etc) things. The fact that God is in whatever dimension (4th, 5th or I dunno) won't change anything: this book is poor.

By wanting to explain the world outside of any religion, the authors make the first and big mistake, making the book useless. You cannot deny religion. It exists, because God exists, and not a God like the freemasons define it (creator, initiator of the world, source of life, or whatever). But a God in 3 persons as defined by Christian religions, and it's a big difference.

You can't say a paradigm about life and freedom can work for any religion. It's false because religions have different, and sometimes opposed paradigms.
trying to unify them under a "miracle" book is exactly helping the Bilderberg and freemasons in their quest of creating a world religion.
You' re only helping the people you think to fight against.

Think about it twice.
Dissapointed by Michael
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A friend of mine mentioned 2012 last night to me and it's the first I heard about it so I jumped on here out of curiosity. I think it's kind of sick and sounds like a bunch of skeptical jargon.
I choose to live every day like it is the last because let's be real, WHO THE HELL KNOWS what is going to happen or when it's your time to go on. The past is history, the future is a mystery and now is a gift, thats why it's called the present. It's not healthy to sit around and trip out about when you will die. Stop wasting your time you have now.
]future and past of the earth
[/url] - some truth about 2012
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