Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Anti-civilization Sunset

George Bush doesn’t represent any civilization.
--George Galloway, British MP, Attacks Tony Blair & George Bush at D.C. anti-Iraqi war rally [Film]

By Jove, he is indeed correct! George Bush represents an ANTI-CIVILIZATION that is leading to the elimination of everyone on planet Earth, as if life never existed.

Several days ago I sat in a sandwich shop contemplating a series of epiphanies and network connections I had made last week. I had finally reached the top of the anticivilization pyramid. A spiritual calm came across me as tears began to well up as I contemplated the escape, and the direction I intend to take in light of the picture I saw as the pieces of the puzzle snapped into place.

Over the past several days there have been several articles that encapsulate the intended purpose of this weblog, and reinforce my justification of leaving this anti-civilization behind. Piling through page after page after page of bad news on a daily basis for several years to support my hypothesis isn’t exactly a productive use of my time if the intent, to wake up my countrymen to their awful situation, was simply a waste of time because my countrymen cannot see these things for themselves because in seeing them, they would finally have to admit that their dreams of peace and liberty are truly dead and gone; and with only themselves to blame insomuch that they bury their heads in the sand and continue to turn their backs and their minds, almost as if in not facing the reality it will somehow change.

Enough Said.

Time for a change of direction. If you don’t get it by now, there probably isn’t much hope of escape. Things WILL change, but it is now evident that my resistance to what seemed avoidable is now inevitable as the reality of rampant price inflation, the cascading effect which has already begun, will culminate in a pre-determined worldwide economic collapse and the grand daddy of the paper money scandal, War, continues to escalate as our civilization heads down the path of destruction.

Kurt Nimo posted one of the best articles I have seen from him yet, with a hard driving examination of the demise of our constitutional republic as government continues to usurp all power and relegate the Constitution of the United States of America to the dustbin of history. And over at Rense, Charlene Fassa further encapsulated the contents of this weblog with this article, Oil Storm' Sisters - Katrina And Rita.

Charlene writes:

That "sucking" sound is the transfer of your wallet from your back pocket into the Darth Vader a.k.a. OWO (One World Order) cabal's underground troll guarded coffers.

Many of you reading this despite the tripe fed to you by 'our' "free press" know the American economy is on the verge of tanking. Some of you also know our economy is really a legitimized and glorified Ponzi scheme owned by a cabal of domestic and international gangsters. International "banksters" are at the top of the control pyramid because they own 'our' money system. We are in essence their indentured servants.

The international "banksters" through their private corporation known as the Federal Reserve, in conjunction with 'our' government, have created a private money system that involves the exchange of IOU's in lieu of constitutional money issued by the government and backed by gold or silver.

Dollars are never created/circulated to cover the interest owed on debts. All debts require an interest payment. For money to be created a debt must be made. Do you get the picture? There is never (by design) enough money in circulation to pay off the original debt plus the accruing interest of said debt. In other words, the fiat system design requires a debt bubble that can never be paid off.

The only way out of the contrived humongous mountain of individual and collective debt is to crash the economy.

I couldn’t have said it any better. It’s coming. Near the conclusion was a paragraph that reinforced the epiphanies:

It's painfully paradoxical to see the props, the stage, and the actors for what they really are and not be able to leave the theatre. If we communicate to others about our awakening, too openly and persuasively, we are at least marginalized, possibly prosecuted, or even executed. So now we are caught in a double bind, the cognitive dissidence of having one foot still in the matrix and one foot out.

Well, that one just about knocked me right out of my chair, because several years ago I pulled both feet out of this anti-civilization matrix and everything changed. Then I stuck one foot back in and have been beating my head against the proverbial brick wall ever since. It has taken a toll and induced personal decline economically, physically, and spiritually. Hopefully it has not been for nothing.

It is going to take a paradigm shift of massive proportions to invert this upside down anti-civilization pyramid so that like sands in an hourglass, the contents are reduced to an end point, and the anti-civilization reduced to the dustbin of the universe. To accomplish this achievement is going to take a MIRACLE. The first stage of identifying the HOAX in near completion. The second stage of understanding some basic underlying concepts of mans relationship with the universe is underway. The third stage involves performing the MIRACLE.

Join the revolution, and stay tuned.

The purpose of life is to live happily. It’s time to take back you mind, turn the key, and open the door.

Ron Robinson
A Majority of One

Good post, Ron. Stay safe...,Stay free...
Thanks David

There are some totally awsome things happening right now, and some incredible things comming down the pipeline!
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