Friday, December 02, 2005

Although one doesn’t have to be OF this world, the reality is that you have to live IN this world, and though you can get to the parallel universe in ten seconds, the other one is always 180 degrees away trying to suck you back in. For example, the unofficial judges her in the Beehive State of Utah seem to be making a habit out of throwing my compatriots in jail for contempt these days.

This time it’s another man dressed in a black dress enforcing the illegitimate demands of a bunch of banksters to protect his unearned livelihood. Although we should prevail, we won’t really know until Tuesday what the outcome will be, or if we will have to bail another one out of the gray bar motel. I would be less that honest if I were to say I enjoy this malarky. I don’t, and would prefer I didn’t have to deal with it! Not that I have an obligation, but the sad reality is that if we don’t all hang together, we will surely hang separately. So I guess I will dawn my TYRANNY RESPONSE TEAM jacket and go traipsing back to another kangaroo court to watch the horse and pony show.

No doubt, I'll be speechless.

I haven’t posted much about taxes, money, and secret combinations for a while, but that’s what happens when you leave the anticivilization. The problems go away, and it’s difficult to find a good reason to come back. I lost ten pounds, automatically, and got back to the ideal weight I was at 30 years ago. It feels wonderful not carrying the extra load! I’m not sure why this happened, but perhaps it came from relieving the stress and anxiety that goes hand in hand with living in the anticivilization hoax. I picked up some wonderful new clients and the work has kept me busy, and it’s incredible the things that start flowing your way after successfully completing this little ten second excercise.. It’s hard to pen to paper without it turning into a disposition.

Hopefully some of my readers have subscribed to the Freedom Technology Seminar and learned about the Ten Second Miracle. For those who have, and even for those who haven’t, I wanted to pass this gift along to everyone. Once one successfully dumps the faulty lines of code, it is useful to have some new programming to get the old hard drive up and running. It’s another freebee passed on from American Free Enterprise. It won’t cost you a copper nickel clad cent, and you’re going to love this one!

That is, unless you have an aversion of entering the kingdom of God and prefer to remain chained to the New World Order of the malevolent one.


The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel

Please Enjoy!

Ron Robinson
A Majority of One

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