Wednesday, December 14, 2005

We Hold These Truths…

"Know the Truth and the Truth shall make you Free"

Dear fellow Americans,

Some great Supporters and Patriot Friends in our cause to help motivate more American People to make a stand in the courts, have posted the court documents filed in the action described here.

Here are the links:

CACV/FLEET vs. OESCH Civil Case # 040403560

Mandatory Judicial NOTICE

Motion to Dismiss Void Summary Judgment for Lack of JURISDICTION

Also, some of you might be interested in the The Common Law Judicature Reformation Movement that is expanding nationwide, and there is some valuable information on the links page of the Independent American Website.

There is a convergence of spiritual energy that is focusing on these issues as more individuals are waking up to the hoax, and this case gains national recognition as the spiritual shift in consciousness and time compression is accelerating the shift from the individual to the species, and which is coming from a diverse variety of sources as the information is rapidly disbursed through cyberspace. We are moving into a more balanced civilization. If we continue on the path we are on for the next 6 years, we will all be dead. The cleansing will allow us to return to a pristine state, a more tribal structure, where we all work together, and the spiritual shift will result in a millennium of unbroken peace and prosperity.

All the beliefs and expectations about who you are, where you are, and what you’re supposed to be doing, and how, and where, and when, let them go! You have nothing to fear in releasing these things. All that has been sanctified by God will continue to exist. Only that which has sought to cheat you of your destiny will perish. Let it all go and see what the Lord has in store.

Any hesitation you have is indicative in your continued trust in fear, and reason. These are the false Gods of this age. And they will continue to enslave you until your trust is restored in love and life. Trust God implicitly, and the truth of his divine design will be revealed in every situation. Specific information for each and every situation is being supplied to you constantly by the source of infinite wisdom. Why not trust it? Why not allow yourself access?

As soon as you begin to look outside yourself into the world around you to see how you can make yourself useful – as soon as serve in the capacity you were created to fulfill, you will begin to share in the peace and happiness of your creation. You will experience a state of consciousness so superior to any you have experienced before, that it will make your previous life seem but a dream. When you actually see the kingdom of heaven in operation on Earth, all that you require for survival will be drawn to you like a magnet. Life will be simple and easy. Problems will fall away like dust from your eyes. With great clarity and peace, you will begin to do what needs to be done. Life will begin to work extraordinarily well. Do not focus on the world that is polarizing towards selfishness and fear. Do not pay attention to the old that is crumbling around you. What has been shall soon be no more. Let the dead bury their dead, and concentrate solely on the building of the new.

There will be two worlds that exist simultaneously as we move past the old and usher in the new, and which one you live in will depend on your consciousness.

I am still recommending you access the parallel universe with a Ten Second Miracle, which is available through the Freedom Technology Seminar, or in the recently published seminar in book form, Fresh Wisdom.

Of course, those of the LDS faith should be reading fresh wisdom for mormons again.

Ron Robinson
A Majority of One

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