Tuesday, July 26, 2005

It’s not a good idea to mess with natural law!

GM crops created superweed, say scientists

Modified genes from crops in a GM crop trial have transferred into local wild plants, creating a form of herbicide-resistant "superweed". [Guardian]

I think these people should be jailed and the vermin who’s sole purpose is corporate profit at the expense of free enterprise capitalism and self determinism. They should be jailed and ordered to provide compensation by organizing them into chain gangs who spend the rest of their natural life pulling this genetic pollution from the earth weed by weed. They can survive for a while eating what they pick along with the dust of their NWO masters. Breath deep the gathering depleted uranium. Itz coming.

"Control energy and you control the nations, control food and you control the people"
--Henry Kissinger.

Got milk? Listen to your “external authorities” and get your fill to be sure you are well integrated into the “common herd.” Never mind that milk is for baby cows and we are the only species on the planet that continues to drink milk after being weaned from our mother.

And make sure you drink plenty of water. After all, they can’t get the benefits if you don’t drink the water from the treated fountain. Never mind your hip breaks and you die from the complications of the bone replacement surgery, at least you’ll have a good set of teeth you can take to your grave. And if you have been good little sheeple, you wont notice the demise of the little lamb that went off the cliff before you. Just follow doctor’s orders and you won’t have to deal with the depression that inevitably results from the loss of self determinism, happiness, and freedoms lost through obedience to the puppet masters and their puppets. You’ll be happy to take the leap when the reality of the economic collapse hits you in the paper pocketbook and you discover you possess much but own little or nothing. Who wants to go through 120 years of life in an anticivilization bubble where everyone is pushed from side to side never knowing who is pulling the strings anyway?

Never mind, you don’t want to know. You can’t handle reality. They didn’t program you mind to handle reality. See Why the Conspiracy is Unknown.

So all you American sheeple, it’s OK to destroy Iraq with depleted uranium. It’s OK to blow Iran to kingdom come with “nukular” bombs. Resistance if futile; so be a good sheeple and just go along to get along. No works, no futile resistance, just a little faith and you will receive 72 slow eyed virgins in a sex drenched nonexistent afterlife in exchange for your suicidal behavior, just like your Muslim brothers. Scheeze, could it get any more upside down than this?

Right now we have the choice to either survive the idiots or to go down with them! Unfortunately, it appears the vast majority have chosen the latter. Those who have chosen to bail and forget you were once our countrymen deserve my respect. Sometimes it seems the only logical course of action, in self defense, is to get out of America before it crumbles to pieces. It wouldn't seem even a measly 3% have enough of a grip on reality to exercise the self responsibility necessary to secure the blessings of liberty. It would seem at this juncture, the only alternative is to get out or go down with the ship because there aren’t enough individuals with two brains cells that can be rubbed together that can figure out a way to plug the hole in the bow before the ship sinks to the bottom of the abyss.


The London bombings don’t prove the need for the Patriot Act, they prove the folly of it.
--Ron Paul

Wow, great article Ron!
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